308nm excimer laser

308nm excimer laser 308nm psoriasis vitiligo laser for vitiligo treatment machine

308nm Excimer Principle:

The 308nm Excimer System is small, handy treatment solution for intense monochromatic UVB phototherapy. With 308nm, it applies the same wavelength as an excimer laser and achieves identical results , but without expensive, bulky laser technology. Treatments with the 308nm Excimer System are especially intense and effective. The powerful system with its 16 cm2 spot precisely targets the lesions, leaving healthy skin unexposed.

Lamp Type
Xecl Lamp
Light wavelength
Optical Power Density
30mW/cm2 ±20%
Spot Size
Max. 16cm2
Treatment Time
Erythema Test Dose
Work Mode
Power Requirement
100-240V, 47-63Hz
Packaged Dimensions
Gross Weight


1. High purity xenon chloride (XECL) gas output single wavelength —308nm

2. Portable, flexible and convenient

3. Multiple sizes optical output window, targeted treatment

Single wavelength of 308 nm excimer light, XeCl is medium;Targeted therapy, nondestructive to healthy skin; High energy, curative effect and take effect quickly.

Chlorine element in the closed therapeutic apparatus and xenon (an inert element Xe) atoms under the action of high frequency electric field,

the formation of volatile chlorinated xenon excimer, the excimer unstable, in its return from would-be son state atomic state in the process of natural radiation

out of the single wavelength of 308 nm excimer light, it is mainly used for the treatment of skin conditions such as psoriasis and vitiligo.

Clinically Proven Vitiligo Technology

1. 308nm single wavelength excimer light output via the medium XeCI.
2. High dose, highly effective and fast results.
3. Targeted treatments, maximum protection of healthy skin.
4. Up to 16cm2 spot size for short treatment times of larger areas, fast treatment.
5. Multiple spot sized output windows to meet different body parts treatment damand in
clinic practice.
6. No replacement consumables, low maintenance cost.
7. User-friendly Interface, convenient and easy to operate.
8. Handheld designed excimer system, mobile for therapy.

Clinic Cases
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