Best Esthetician Magazines of 2020

esthetician magazines

Here are some of the well-regarded esthetician magazines of 2020:

  1. Les Nouvelles Esthétiques & Spa: Known for its comprehensive coverage of skincare trends, treatments, and business strategies, this magazine has been a staple in the esthetics industry for years.
  2. Skin Inc. Magazine: Skin Inc. focuses on providing valuable insights into skincare techniques, product knowledge, and business management for estheticians and spa professionals.
  3. DAYSPA Magazine: With a wide range of topics spanning skincare, wellness, and spa management, DAYSPA serves as a valuable resource for estheticians and spa owners.
  4. Modern Salon: While encompassing hair, nails, and esthetics, Modern Salon offers insights into beauty industry trends and practices, making it relevant for estheticians as well.
  5. Spa Business Magazine: Although primarily geared toward the spa industry, this publication often includes pertinent information and trends related to skincare and esthetics.
  6. Aesthetics Journal: This UK-based magazine covers medical aesthetics, skincare, and non-surgical treatments, providing valuable knowledge for estheticians seeking to expand their expertise.
  7. Aesthetic Medicine Magazine: Focusing on the medical aesthetics field, this magazine offers insights into various skincare and cosmetic treatments, which could be of interest to estheticians.
  8. Les Nouvelles Esthétiques (US): The U.S. version of this international magazine tailors its content to estheticians and beauty professionals in the United States.
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