diamond microdermabrasion tips

Diamond Microdermabrasion Dermabrasion 9 Tips+3 Wands Skin Rejuvanation Cutin Peeling Skin Care Tool

1) 100% new and high quality 2) Portable 3) Easily use. 4) Skin rejuvenation, exfoliators, remove dead skin, skin revitalizer 5) Wrinkle removal, pigmentation correctors 6) Reduce pore, improve acne skins and so on
7) Package Includes:  
9pcs Stainless Steel Diamond Microdermabrasion Tips  
3pcs Stainless Steel Wands 30pcs Cotton Filters
Product Paramenters
D120, D150
Body, especially for acne, knee, elbow areas and striae of pregnancy.
D80, D150
Face, for the large blemishes.
D120, D150, D200
For scars, fine lines and imperfections.
Eyes and both sides of nose, For wrinkles, oil tablets, blackhead and acne.
After the D tips peeling procedure, use this smooth tip for furtherly vacuum back the remaining dead skin cells.
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