Difference EmSculpt and EmSculpt Neo

EMSculpt relies on advanced HIFEM energy to tone up the muscles and attain fat reduction EMSculpt Neo is a world-first treatment that combines this technology with radiofrequency.

How does EmSculpt Neo work?
EmSculpt Neo works by combining the two different types of energy to produce exceptional results. Use the very same tech as Emsculpt – high strength focused electromagnetic technology (HIFEM ™) energy– EmSculpt Neo stimulates fast muscle contractions that build muscle fibers to enhance strength and tone.

At the same time, radiofrequency (RF) energy raises muscle temperature level by several degrees in order to prepare them for contraction– in the same way, that you would ordinarily perform a warmup exercise ahead of any sort of considerable physical exertion. The temperature of fat cells is likewise increased, and within just a few minutes, the temperature level in these fat cells increases enough to break them down, allowing them to be metabolized by the body and eliminated through the typical waste approaches. This is long-term fat removal, indicating that it is possible to keep the effects of your treatment forever

The essential difference between EmSculpt and EmSculpt Neo is that the Emsculpt Neo has heat constructed into the device by means of radio frequency, therefore is designed for clients with greater fat decreasing needs. Emsculpt Neo treatments tend to be upwards of 50% more expensive than regular Emsculpt. Some also report higher pain with the heating element of the Emsculpt Neo when combined with the strength of the HIFEM contraction.

If you’re someone who exercises a lot currently and simply wants that little extra help with muscle definition, the EMsculpt is enough.However, if you have  fat and  you’d like to remove,Think fat melting, muscle building and skin tightening , you can choose EMsculpt Neo


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