Everything you should know about carbon peel laser

laser carbon peeling

Carbon peel laser are a non-invasive new, painless with virtually no-downtime treatment that helps rejuvenate the appearance of aging and damaged skin. It gently removes the top layer of skin, leaving an amazing glow with a vibrant, youthful complexion.

China Black Doll Laser Hollywood Peel, hollywood carbon peel, Black Doll Laser Facial or Charcoal Black Doll Facial, that is all has same maning with carbon laser peel this gentle procedure is safe on all skin types. It is a fast and safety way to get a quick skin refresher without the longer downtime associated with other laser procedures. It evens skin tone, reducing appearance of pigment, fine lines, and acne scars.Its as fast as 30 mins, it can see resutls just after one treatment,

A lot of Hollywood stars, models, and media personalities keep their skin glowing and unblemished year after year.This and many of our other laser skin treatments can leave you looking and feeling your best following the treatment .With this treatment, you’ll benefit from a treatment that has given many of our patients the results they want, through a safe procedure.

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How it works?
We’ll apply a layer of gel carbon to your face (or body), allowing it to penetrate deeply into your pores and let it dry. its about 10 mins .The carbon bonds with any debris that might be present, like dead skin cells, contaminants and oil.

Hot!!! L 80ml soft carbon gel shrink laser toner skin whitening rejuvenation carbon peeling cream

Secondly,We’ll then shoot laser across the surface of your skin. Because the laser light is super attracted to carbon particles, its energy and heat is absorbed by the carbon paste destroying the particles in your pores.

Light from the pico laser or normal Q switchd laser is attracted to the carbon gel. The carbon absorbs the laser energy. The reaction causes a mini explosion. The explosion pushes the energy, in the form of heat, deep into the layers of the skin where elastin and collagen are activated and cells begin producing anew. At the same time.on the surface of the skin, as the explosion occurs the carbon is vaporized along with any dirt, oil or dead skin cells. Sounds kind of scary, with all the explosions and vaporizing, There’s just little discomfort or pain. The sensation has been described as a mild tingling or very slight pinch.

Who can benefit from this treatment?

For those who want to combat the signs of aging, Carbon Laser Facials can rejuvenate your skin by:

  • Brighter And Even Skin Tone
  • Reduction of Pigments And Fine Lines
  • Improve Skin Laxity And Tightens Open Pores

Which celebrities use them?

A-listers Kim Kardashian, who is also a fan of the vampire facial, is said to get a carbon laser facial. Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston, both exes of Brad Pitt, are reported to have them done.

No matter by what name you might know it, the principle is the same. carbon peeling is a non-ablative laser skin treatment that uses the conductive qualities of carbon to quickly and painlessly exfoliate, cleanse, clear and tighten pores, brighten and even-out skin tone and activate a deeply rejuvenating skin reaction that produces skin that is smooth, plump and radiant!

Carbon Laser Facials are safe and effective for all types of acne and can:

Gently clear your pores to help reduce blackheads and whiteheads
Eliminates the need to extract comedones
Simultaneously targets acnebacteria and shrinks your sebaceous glands for reduced oil production, congestion and outbreaks
Decreases cyst size, papules and nodules

What can I expect?
Your skin will feel immediately smoother and look instantly refreshed.You can return to your daily activities immediately following your treatment –

Carbon peel laser side effect ?
your skin may appear slightly red but this should disappear within a few hours. We recommend you use SPF 30+ and avoid abrasive exfoliates or other invasive skin treatments for a few days.

How long do results last?
you can do it month one time, the resutls can last forever

how often can i do carbon laser peel ?
You’ll probably notice results after a single treatment. However, for long-term results, we recommend regular treatments – 4-6 treatments are optimal, spaced 2-4 weeks apart.

Please note: If you’ve recently had dermal filler or toxin treatments, we’ll recommend you wait a minimum of 2 weeks before undergoing Carbon Laser Skin Rejuvenation.

does carbon laser peel hurt?
No! The treatment is gentle, non-invasive and painless. You’ll probably hear a small pulse as we target the carbon particles in your pores with the laser. Our clients describe the feeling as warm or prickly but not painful. it is affordable.

how much does carbon laser peel cost?
Treatment time is around 30 mins
recommended sessions 6 – 12 sessions
Recommended Intervals Every 3 weeks
Recovery Time :zero Downtime, Zero Pain- Same day
Price $198 onwards

Is carbon laser peel effective?
Carbon Laser Peel is an effective deep cleanse rejuvenation treatment that is non-invasive & non-surgical. It is a popular laser resurfacing treatment which uses black carbon gel and laser light to target stubborn clogged pores, with noticeable even within the first session.

Carbon Laser Peel Review ?
The Hollywood Laser Peel is a friendly version of the laser skin rejuvenation procedures in the market. It is safe for all skin types and can be done anytime of the year as you like. The major attribute to this treatment is to make your skin an overall rejuvenation as well as controlling oil glands and acnes.its one time resutls.

The laser is an advanced Nd Yag Q-Switch laser. It involves activating the skin toning mode to brighten & improve uneven skin tone. Q-switch laser is also an important tool to reduce pigmentations, stimulate collagen production and tighten pores,and tattoos remove.

Hollywood carbon Laser Peel is a laser facial treatment with no downtime. Totall treatment will take no longer than 30 mins. It is known as a perfect lunchtime treatment allowing you to resume normal activity after.

Who is Carbon Laser Peel for?
anyone who wants to improve acne/oily skin & skin rejuvenation
Patients who wants to minimize enlarged pores on skin
clients from late 20s onward looking to keep collagen production on skin

Does carbon laser peel work ?
Laser carbon peels are usually very effective for improving the look of oily skin and large pores. some clinic use carbon peeling for acne and acne scars and get obviously resutls. it also has effective results on fine lines and wrinkles after one or more treatments

carbon peel laser machine price and cost?
carbon peel laser machine price and cost depends on its power supply, crytabls laser bars quality, diameters, spot size, and cooling system.

carbon laser peel vs microneedling ?
Micro-needling works below the surface of the skin, while a carbon laser facial works on the top layers. Micro-needling get restuls
with cosmetics,carbon laser peel get restuls with carbon gel.carbon laser peel no downtime after treatment, Micro-needling need recovery after the treatment.
carbon laser peel before and after ?
our service agent has feedback and review from our real customers, get us for more details.
how much black carbon lotion/gel?
Its 8USD-10USD depending on its capacity.

how much the carbon gel for carbon laser ?

1 – 99 pieces 100 – 999 pieces >= 1000 pieces
$2.90 $2.00 $1.50

Specification of carbon gel

Type carbon gel
Function Skin Whitening
Color black
Net weight 120g
Net  80ml


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