Everything you should know about Laser Tattoo Removal Machine ?

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Tattoo Removal Machine buy new or used? how to purchase a new best tattoo remove machine? what about training? Marketing your tattoo remove business. Please read more.

Buying A totally New Tattoo Removal Laser Machine Vs. A Used ?

A used good price tattoo remove machine is recommend, but it is only for experienced engineer or buyers. we do not advise you buy second-hand Laser Tattoo Removal Machine or used Tattoo Removal device.if not, you will pay too much money and time more than new machines for service. IVIVA LASER has high quality strong design systems a lower price with 2 years warranty. We can cooperate with each other.

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How to market Your Tattoo Removal Laser Business?

You have got your laser within your office, you think it’s a high ROI project, it’s a money making machines, but if people do not know your service. its is only a electronic device nothing special.
we need make a plan to marketing our tattoo removal machine.
1.who is your target customers ?
2.can your customers easily found you?
3.make a price list of your service.
4.go out to enjoy your competitors service
5.what benefit you can take
6.who is your important partners?

Build a sales sheet when talking with your customers.

Laser Tattoo Removal Machine

Please try online content marketing and social media.

People now goes to the Internet to find information everything; They find good video for learing on Youtube, they find good post on Facebook, ask a question on Quora. find a review on Google. then make a final decision. As a new marketing people, we should pay more on attetion on online marketing. You can do like this.
1. Create a website, spend some money and hire someone who can create a solid website.
2. Plan your website and what you would like to show your users.Focused on your keywords.
3. Give them information about your business and everything they would want to know about getting tattoo removal.
4. Create profiles on every social media platform, Google a list of them.
5. In your profile link on all social medias include a link to your website.
6. Register your business on Google.
7. Create some you tube videos, not too much, but 1-2 best one for your customers.
8. Run Google ads and Facebook ads, this is important and will guarantee customers calling you for your services. Although it can be expensive, it works. you will test a most value money saved way.

Laser Tattoo Removal Machine

Laser Tattoo Removal Clinical Training ???
It’s important to get the professional clinical training for your laser tattoo removal machine. this can ensure the clinic resutls and safety. Both is very important for your customers. IVIVA Laser offers basic training included with all laser purchases or leases which will help you save money on your new laser business.


The must-know advice guide details for anyone who is considering buying or purchasing a tattoo removal laser machine.

Whether you are a salon owners or tattoo studios Boss, or beauty operators. there are a lot of factors to consider before doing a successful purchase of tattoo removal laser equipment. nd yag Q swicthed laser tattoo removal machine

Best laser tattoo removal machine Equipment varies greatly based on features and specs and its benefits. Some machines are perfect for treating a wide range of tattoos, and some systems are ideal for very specific tattoo inks. some is easy to operate , some is laser tattoo removal machine for sale you will get discount price. Some permanent tattoo removal painess. some one offer only portable tattoo removal machine, some offer both vertical and portable. All these details will really affect a laser tattoo removal equipment cost.

This buying guide will examine the 6 basic concepts that people should really consider before buying a laser:

  • Nd Yag Q-Switching technology,
  • Spot size, it will affect its tattoo removal speed, for big size tattoos it really important.
  • Pulse width, pulse shorter, laser work short on skin but energy still strong,its less harm for skin.
  • Peak Power,some cheap design, very weak energy cannot remove even green color tattoos.
  • Wavelengths, 532+1064+ carbon ,extra 755nm
  • Safety protect: the software safety, temperature , water alarm, red aiming beam can not lost.
  • FDA Clearance or CE
  • Laser Maintenance
  • Training and Support
  • Warranty, you should ask clear about supplier, machines warranty and handle warranty, all laser machines has Consumables like IPL lamps. Laser yag bars . new handle .when lifetime gone, normally machines can work for a long time, but laser handle will lose energy after effective shoots gong, you will have to buy new laser guns,

Laser Tattoo Removal Machine
Before agreement, check out clear Consumables price also. Some supplier sell a amazing price for spare parts.
Hope this guide will help you chose a best tattoo removal machine for your business with a best price.


Good Luck!


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