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laser resurfacing machine

Fractional co2 laser machine adopts CO2 laser technology and precise control of the scan technology, using the CO2 laser’s heat penetrating action, in the guidance of the scan precise scanning, 0.12mm diameter thin minimally invasive aperture was formed by lattice-shaped on the skin. Skin in the effect of the laser energy and heat, wrinkle or scar tissue was uniform gasified instantaneous and formed minimally invasive hole as the center of the micro-heating zone, so as to stimulate the skin synthesize a large number of new collagen tissue. and thus start the tissue repair, collagen rearrangement of a series of body’s natural healing mechanisms. Fresh collagen random regenerate, make the treated area of skin becomes smooth, firm, elastic, pores shrink, wrinkle reduction , bags under the eyes disappear, the pigmentation disappear, superficial scar calm, skin texture and skin color gradually improved significantly.

Fractional CO2 Laser, a type of laser, is a laser application for correction of facial and neck wrinkles, non-surgical facelift and non-surgical facial rejuvenation procedures. Fractional CO2 laser skin resurfacing is treated with acne acne scars, skin spots, scar and surgery scars, skin cracks as well.

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2940nm Er:YAG fractional laser Working principle:

The Erbium (Er) yag laser is a kind of solid laser with a wavelength of 2940nm. It is in the infrared area which is invisible .It has peak value of absorption to water.The cutaneous absorption of the Er:YAG laser energy by water is 10-fold more efficient than that of the carbon dioxide laser, allowing for more superficial tissue ablation and finer control.Pulsed laser energy causes controlled vaporization of the skin according to the principles of selective photothermolysis. The clinical manifestations of laser treatment depend on the ability of the skin to resurface itself. After lasing, the vaporized, atypical, disorganized epidermal cells are replaced with normal, well-organized keratinocytes from the follicular adnexa. The irregular, disorganized collagen and elastin of the upper papillary dermis are replaced with normal, compact collagen and elastin organized in parallel configurations.


Gental yag laser mahcine applied for:
1- Skin resurfacing
2- Surgical scar removal(more aggressive level)
3- Photo damage
4- Stretch marks removal
5- Melasma (dark skin patches)
6- wrinklesand fine lines
7- wart and nevus removal
8-Texture irregularity


Er YAG laser ablation system Advantages:

1. US origin laser rod with stable, reliable and powerful laser output
2. DE origin fractional lens with long life span
3. Water filter is double secured to ensure long life of the laser resonator and whole system
4. Multi-languages supported, meets the requirements of global market
5. Friendly touchable operate interface
6. Interlock design ensures the safety treatment enviroment
7. Modularized design for convenient maintenance
8. RF ID/ IC management control design for providing different business operations models (ie.: member card, Rental…)
9. Apply Linux/ Android operation system, is capable for more functions of saving customer database, developing applications and customize interface

Er YAG laser ablation system

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tixel machine

Tixel (Fraxel) is a new titanium thermal energy lattice skin repair system from Israel, which precisely controls the contact time and depth, and achieves “ultra-micro exfoliation” without burning.

Tixel uses a new type of natural thermal matrix lattice technology and uses 81 sterile titanium matrix probes of 1²cm to contact the skin at a rate of 0.1 millisecond and transfer heat energy to the treatment site without damaging the skin tissue. At the same time, heat energy is transferred to the dermis layer to activate collagen and elastic fibers to regenerate, effectively solving many problems such as wrinkles, neck lines, acne marks, large pores, scars, skin coarseness, dark and yellow skin, stretch marks,comprehensive treatment of various skin problems.

Tixel is a new generation of thermal energy equipment. The new patented thermomechanical exfoliation (TMA) technology breaks through the skin rejuvenation effect of traditional laser therapy and brings a safe, efficient, painless, fast and convenient beauty experience


1 The same treatment effect as CO2 laser
2 Three operating modes correspond to different skin types and different effects
3 After treatment, the site is not the same as the traditional laser, not charring
4 No need for anesthesia, almost no pain
5 Easy to operate and simple post-care
6 Compared with traditional laser diodes, no radiation is required, natural heat transfer is used, damage is less, and repair period is shorter.Three operating modes.

tixel machine

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