Notes you should know Before Laser Hair Removal Treatment

For beauty, you might be considering laser hair removal. This will make you save more time, you’ll have extra time to do something you want. However, unlike other skin laser treatments, hair removal requires some preparation prior to your laser hair removal treatments.

First, let’s look at how laser hair removal works. Using the theory of selective optical absorption, 808nm can be prferentially absorbed by the melanin of the hair. And then the hair shaft and hair follicle are heated rapidly in order to destroy the oxygen-supply organization of around the hair follicle.

There are several Final Points To Note Before Laser Treatment to ensure permanent hair removal. Get the best results by taking the time to do these things before your laser treatments begin.

Stop waxing

DO NOT wax, epilate or otherwise go through any other hair elimination treatment that gets rid of the hair at the roots while undergoing laser treatment: Your hair roots require to be present for laser energy to be taken in and hit the hair follicles (the entire objective is to ruin the hair roots). Laser treatment merely does not work if the entire hair shaft is empty. This is a significant reason many individuals that try diode laser hair removal fail! Shaving is perfectly okay as the hair roots are left intact. In fact, what you should do is simply to clean up the location and shave prior to laser treatment.

The thickness of hair

The density of your hair may determine how fast you see results: In general, the thicker the hair you intend to treat, the faster you will see results. Thicker hair has greater surface area and contains more pigment (color) that will absorb more laser energy compared to finer hair. If you are treating fine hair, you might need to be more patient and go through more sessions to see results. You must go for a laser-system (which is more powerful) rather than an IPL-system if you are treating fine hair. Check out our diode laser hair elimination machines


Check your hair color and skin type
The laser is only effective if you have black or dark colored hair as it targets melanin in your hair follicles. The laser doesn’t work if you have grey, light or red hair. Further, if you are dark skinned then your skin is capable to absorb too much energy. It is advisable to check the color of your hair and skin against your laser professional chart to see if the laser treatment will work for your skin. Check all the body areas properly, you may have light leg hair but dark bikini line.


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