lymphatic massage machine

lymphatic massage machine

This aircraft is a most popular multi-function weight-loss device, combined with functions of far

-infrared fat dissolving, air-pressure lymphatic drainage, as well as low-frequency stimulation.

Operate far-infrared heating after massage (by beautician), then start the lymphatic drainage

operations, and at last use low-frequency to tighten skin, to achieve systematic and

comprehensive effects of fat losing and size reducing.

1) Far Infrared

The far-infrared slimming treatment can help increase basic metabolic rate (BMR), which is the

fastest and natural way to lose weight.

As the body warms, in addition to sweating, the blood thins and the speed at which it circulates

around the body increases, while the body tries to cool itself down. The effect is to raise the

temperature at the extremities of the body to the same temperature at the core of the body – a

temperature at which body fat can be broken down.

2) Pressotherapy

The pressotherapy, with a set of cloth-like accessory and 8 pieces of air bags, which allows for

pressure by cycles or all-together for both the whole body and certain parts of the body, is a

compression system designed to increase the venous and lymphatic flow and enhance extra-

cellular fluid clearance.

It can help to promote the body’s natural toxin clearing functions. The revitalization and

oxygenation of the tissue helps to slim and redefine the legs, stomach and arms while

enhancing skin tone.

It is highly recommended for the treatment of cellulite, which is a safe alternative to

liposuction. It relieves pain and swelling, and provides immediate comfort. It redefines the legs,

stomach and arms while enhancing skin tone.

3) EMS

By creating electronic pulse to stimulate special points on the body, EMS (Electro Muscl

Stimulation) can effectively regulate bio-electric and endocrine system and accelerate

metabolism, reaching remarkable effect of weight losing and skin tightening.

Infrared Slimming Far Infrared Sauna Pressotherapie Slimming Body Suit Lymphatic Drainage Massage Pressotherapie Machine


1. promote Blood circulation
2. body shaping, Against Cellulite, Fatty Deposits and Fluid Retention
3. Lymph De-toxin,Improve Lymphatic Drainage,Lymph massaging drainage
4. Fat dissolution,Reduce “Orange Line”
5. lose wight and dispel toxin
6. Physical therapy to care muscle and nerve diease
7. Accelerate metabolism,Activate Blood Circulation
8. Ease the liver strain and unknown pain
9. Diminish inflammation, enginery removal
10.Reduce Pressure, Relax Body and Mind ,Relaxation for the whole body and cellulites reducing
11.Reduce Edema or Swelling

What is the advantage of Mahinga model have?
1)Accurately control and adjust the actual temperature of infrared heating
The temperature of ordinary pressotherapy machine on the market is not controllable, only the level is displayed and adjusted, and we have added a temperature controller to pressotherapy clothes, which can accurately control and adjust the actual temperature of 40-75℃ . Customers can control the temperature according to their needs.
2)Adjustable time of inflation and deflation of Second and sixth model
The pressotherapy machine on the market usually only have 1-4 working modes, and the time of inflation and deflation cannot be adjusted. Our mahinga has 6 working modes, of which the second and sixth modes can adjust the time of inflation and deflation.
3)36 airbags design for better treatment.
Our pressotherapy machine has 36 air bags, the airbgs is more evenly received, the body feels more wrapped, and the customer’s treatment and detoxification effects are better.
4)Upgraded piping design, easier to connect pipes
We have upgraded the tube and simplified the connection steps. Customers can quickly connect the tube to clothes and instruments without long research.

Voltage 110v / 220V-240V
Frequency 50~60HZ
N.W 12kg/ps
G.W 14kg/ps
Machine size 45*36*23cm
Packing size 85*46*16cm
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