40k ultrasonic cavitation machine 9 in 1

Product parameter
Product name
Small Type 9 in 1 Laser Cavitation Photon Beauty Machine
Model number
40K cavitation, RF, Vacuum RF, Lipo laser, Micro-current, Cold hammer, 7 Color LED
Handle quantity
Laser plates
8pcs (6 big ones + 2 small ones)
7 color LED
Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Purple, Cyan, White
RF frequency
Ultrasonic frequency
Package size
Gross weight

Working Principle

Multi-pole RF: Generate heat to exhaust the integrated glycerol and free fatty acids to reduce fat, accelerate collagen contraction and regeneration, promote blood circulation and metabolism to reduce wrinkles, firm skin and increase skin elasticity. 40KHz cavitation: Vibrate fat cells at top speed to accelerate motivation and rupture so as to reduce fat. Vacuum RF: Accelerate metabolism, reduce fat, promote blood circulation and lymphatic detox, relieve muscle fatigue and tighten skin by thermal suction massage. Lipo Laser: Break down the stored triglycerides into free fatty acids, glycerol and water molecules to be expelled out of body. Cold & hot hammer: Cold — tighten skin, reduce redness, swelling, maintain elasticity, prevent allergies; Hot — relax muscles, relieve pain, promote blood circulation and nutrient absorption. Micro-current: Stimulate biological electric current, dredge meridians to help with fat removal, accelerate ATP synthesis, promote metabolism and detox. LED light therapy: 7 types of LED light of different wavelengths (including red, green, blue, yellow, purple, cyan and white) penetrate skin layers of different depths, accelerating metabolism, regeneration of cells and collagen so as to solve various skin problems and realize skin rejuvenation.

1.7 technologies in 1 —— multi-pole RF, 40K Cavitation, Vacuum RF, Lipo Laser, Cold & hot hammer, Micro-current, LED light therapy. 2.3 RF handles with Red LED —— tripole, quadrupole and sextupole for precise treatment on face and different body parts. 3.8 laser plates —— 6 big ones and 2 small ones for reducing fat on multiple body parts. 4.Adjustable intensity —— for different individual needs. 5.Multiple functions —— slimming & tightening effects on face & body. 6.Safe & comfortable —— non-invasive, painless, no side effects.
Micro-current handle with 7 Types of LED Light

Red light
Accelerate collagen regeneration, promote metabolism and blood circulation to remove wrinkles, firm skin and increase skin elasticity.
Green light
Reduce skin oil secretion, balance the ratio of water and oil, effectively relieve mental tension,
dredge lymph, reduce swelling.
Blue light
Anti-inflammatory sterilization, effectively kill propionibacterium without damaging skin tissue, remove acne and repair the skin without leaving scars.
Yellow light
Effectively reduce redness and erythema of skin.
Purple light
Combination of red and blue light with both of their effects, especially in treating acne and acne marks. Cyan light
Gradually enhance cell energy, promote metabolism. White light Accelerate cell metabolism, reduce wrinkles.

Main Functions

Body —— Reduce fat —— Tighten skin —— Relieve muscle fatigue —— Promote detoxification —— Accelerate blood circulation —— Improve absorption of skin care products Face —— Lift skin —— Tighten skin —— Shrink pores —— Rejuvenate skin —— Reduce redness —— Remove wrinkles —— Improve skin elasticity

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