80k cavitation machine 4 in 1

80k ultrasonic cavitation machine 4 in 1

Best Price 80k Ultrasonic Cavitation System Effective Slimming Machine Vacuum Lifting Machine Lipo Laser Slim Lipolaser Machine
▶ Equipped 4 handles:Cavitation handle + Big / Small Vacuum handle + RF face handle.
▶ Combine 4 technologies, get the best weight loss, skin tightening effect.

▶ Effective fat reduction & skin tightening: one time effect.

No pain, non-surgical, non-invasive, no downtime.
▶ Details user manual + Training video+ Face to face training. Help you operate it easier.
▶ Be used in SPA & Salon & Home & Clinic! Satisfied your customers, bring more customers and benefits for you.
Product Description

▶ Adopt the leading-edge technology ultrasonic lipolysis in the world.

Color touch screen with clear treatment parameters, friendly operation.
▶ Digital frequency control system, energy output evenly, precisely and steady, make sure parameter can`t drifting.
▶ Suitable for all kinds of skin.
8-20 minutes per session treatment, no impact on your job or study.
No rebound, long-lasting result!
▶ Easy operation, easy study.

▶ Fat Reduction

▶ Body Shaping
▶ Skin Tightening
Vacuum Body shaping, weight loss. Cavitation Body slimming.
▶ Remove the double chin.
RF effective promoting tissue metabolism and blood circulation.
▶ Improve orange peel organization, Strengthen the skin elasticity.
▶ Repair striate gravid arum, Anti-aging for face and body.
Postpartum body reshaping. Shape body curve.
Facelift and firm. Skin lifting and tightening, wrinkles removal, fade out stretch marks.
▶ Remove the beer belly.
Pain-Free and non-invasive: An ultrasonic cavitation device provides you the liberty to eliminate weight with no long recovery period. It’s possible to get therapy and restart your everyday routine in moments!
Lose weight effortlessly: It’s been scientifically demonstrated to decrease fat deposits, weight reduction, after 1 treatment.Selectively targeting fatty tissue, to avoid heating other fat, to achieve the fastest treatment effect.
Cost-effective -Affordable: By purchasing one of those machines you could earn back your cost quickly that you’d have to pay if you had this done in a spa or health facility.
Used on all parts of the body: Fat tends to collect in certain areas of the body The excellent thing about this gadget is that you could safely use it virtually everywhere.
Keeps you looking young: You do not need to be concerned about wrinkles and sagging skin. An ultrasonic cavitation apparatus can rejuvenate your.
Color touch screen: 8-inch color touch screen with the most useful 80KHZ ultrasonic cavitation system.
Handle & Screen
▶ Through the 80K ultrasound wave, it penetrates deep into the subcutaneous fat tissue, effectively disintegrating more fat, thile repelling stubborn fat.

▶ Cavitation is used alongside radiofrequency treatment to boosts collagen and tightens the skin.

▶ Lose fat fast whilst tightening the skin layers creating a smoother and healthier-looking you.
▶ Vacuum suction probe negative pressure combined with heat energy to aspirate the skin and fat tissue up to aerobic rapid suction, without hurting the skin.
There are 2 pieces of different sizes for vacuum RF photon handles, can treat different parts.

▶ It is great for tightening tummies after having babies for the body to tighten a tummy area after children or extreme weight loss.

▶ Treatment area:upper arms, abdomen, back, thighs, hips, and buttocks.ankles, male chest.
▶ EMS ultra-fine current helps to improve facial fine lines and tighten facial skin effectively improve circulation and accelerate metabolism.
▶ Skin tightening: deep heating, compact lifting, detoxification, and facial care, wrinkle removal and whitening, enhance elasticity.
▶ Protect water cushion: Inside equip with protect water cushion continuous dry cool operate conveniently.
▶ More elegant: Outside loop metal ring more elegant.
▶ No harm to skin: Artificial camber design operates conveniently and does no harm to the skin.
▶ Saving time and effort: Plug and unplug the probe interface, making it easy to change the probe at any time, saving time and effort.
▶ Vacuum inside set up filter cotton: Equip with 2 PCs filter containers on the behind of the machine, multi-filters will have better results.
▶ Tightening the arm: Say goodbye to butterfly sleeves.
▶ Thin belly: Good result for postpartum belly.
▶ Lifting buttocks: Enhance the hip line to prevent sagging hips.
▶ Thin thighs: Eliminate cellulite, landscaping thighs.
▶ Tightening the waist: Less abdominal fat at the same time.
▶ Thin face: Remove double chins.
Product Name
Explosion cavitation weight loss machine
24 *32.5 * 34 ( cm )
110V / 220v
Gross Weight
17.5 kg
Product Material
ABS environmental protection material
Customer Reviews
Packing & Delivery
▶ Machine packing case is a aluminum box, easy to carry, besides traditional beauty salons also suitable for mobile beauty salons. Inside the case covered with the pearl cotton, better protecting the machine, and ensuring the safety of transport.


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