7 in 1 hydrafacial Machine Aqua Peeling Radio Frequency Skin Tightening Face Skin Care Hydrabrasion Machine With Led Mask
Product Name
7 in 1 Hydrogen Oxygen Hydradermabrasion Facial Beauty Salon Equipment
Instrument Model
Air Pump
2 Atmospheric Pumps
Positive flow 15Kpa, 70Kpa
RF Frequency
1 MHz
Ultrasound Frequency
1 MHz
Ultrasound + RF + hydra-dermabrasion + vibration + H2O2 spray + Cold hammer + LED therapy


FAQ OF at-home HydraFacial

  1. What is an at-home HydraFacial?
    • An at-home HydraFacial is a skincare routine that aims to replicate some of the key principles of a professional HydraFacial treatment. It involves cleansing, exfoliation, hydration, and the use of specialized serums to improve skin health.
  2. Can I perform an at-home HydraFacial on my own?
    • Yes, you can perform an at-home HydraFacial on your own using various skincare products designed for cleansing, exfoliation, hydration, and serum application. However, it won’t be as advanced or thorough as a professional treatment.
  3. What products do I need for an at-home HydraFacial?
    • You’ll need a gentle cleanser, exfoliating product (such as a mild scrub or chemical exfoliant), a hydrating mask or serum, and specialized skincare serums containing ingredients like hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, and peptides.
  4. How often should I do an at-home HydraFacial?
    • The frequency of at-home HydraFacial treatments can vary depending on your skin type and concerns. Typically, once a week or every other week is a reasonable frequency. Be cautious not to over-exfoliate, as this can irritate the skin.
  5. Can I achieve the same results with an at-home HydraFacial as I would with a professional treatment?
    • At-home HydraFacial treatments may provide some benefits for your skin, such as improved texture and hydration. However, professional treatments offer more advanced technology and techniques, and the results are often more dramatic and longer-lasting.
  6. What are the steps of an at-home HydraFacial?
    • An at-home HydraFacial typically includes the following steps: cleansing, exfoliating, steaming (optional), extraction (if necessary), hydration with a mask or serum, and application of specialized serums.
  7. Is there any downtime after an at-home HydraFacial?
    • There is usually no downtime after an at-home HydraFacial, and you can resume your regular activities immediately. However, some individuals with sensitive skin may experience mild redness or irritation that subsides quickly.
  8. Can I combine at-home HydraFacials with other skincare treatments?
    • Yes, you can combine at-home HydraFacial routines with other skincare treatments, such as LED therapy or sheet masks, to enhance your skincare regimen. Be sure to follow the recommended order of application.
  9. Are there any risks or precautions for at-home HydraFacials?
    • It’s important to follow product instructions carefully and be cautious not to over-exfoliate, as it can lead to skin irritation. Perform a patch test if you’re using new products. If you have specific skin concerns or sensitivities, consult a dermatologist or skincare professional for guidance.
  10. Can at-home HydraFacials replace professional treatments?
    • While at-home HydraFacials can help maintain skin health and appearance, they cannot fully replace professional treatments. For more intensive or specialized skincare needs, it’s advisable to consult with a qualified skincare professional for in-office treatment


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