coolsculpting equipment portable

coolsculpting equipment
coolsculpting equipment
coolsculpting equipment
coolsculpting equipment

coolsculpting equipment portable

Models: sk-320
Brand name: iviva
Shipping way: by DHL/TNT/Fedex/UPS express door to door,by sea
OEM/ODM: yes
Suitable for : Salon ,beauty center ,skin clinic, med spa
Certificate: CE ISO TUV FDA
body slimmingcellulite removal

Coolsculpting equipment

Coolsculpting equipment (same as cryo coolsculpting machine ): use a new, non-invasive slimming fat loss  freezing technology which is called cryolipolysis,it includes cooling which is adjustable minus 10 degrees,  strong vacuum suction and lipo laser 950nm LED 3 in 1 technology . it can  gently and effectively reduce fat in targeted areas of the body after following a a couple of procedure.

coolsculpting equipment
coolsculpting equipment
  • Freeze Curve , applicators of choice for flanks , Curve cup design allows  for a better placement and fit on curved or narrow parts of body
  • Freeze Core, best matches with contour of the abdomen ,most commonly used applicator used for this area.
  • Freeze Fit,Ideal for longer vertical areas of  fat,also suggested for arms inner thighs.
freeze curve


professional coolsculpting machine
cryo lipo machine


  • cellulite removal
  • double chin removal
  • body slimming fat loss
  • cool sculpting love handles ,stomach, upper arms.leg
cryolipolysis slimming machine application


Voltage AC110V/220V 50-60Hz
Power 1600W
Cryo handles 3 pcs
Cavitation handle 1 pcs
Body RF handle 1 pcs
Lipo laser 8 pcs
Facial RF Handle 1 pcs
Pressure output 0-90Kpa
Screen 10.4 inch TFT color touch screen
Cavitation frequency 40Khz
Vacuum 650mmHg
Cooling output temperature -10~45°C
Large cryo handle size (1) 195*82mm (2) 210*90mm (3) 215*100mm (4) 230*105m
Small cryo handle size (1) 140*70 (2) 155*80mm (3) 165*90mm
Double cryo handle size 80*40mm


  • Operation video ,  user manual ,online training for free.


  • 24 monthes warranty ,free replace of component within 2 years by our won cost.

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