cost of tattoo removal machine

Principle of laser tattoo removal:

1. Laser tattoo removal is the only method proven to remove tattoos without scarring.
2. To remove a tattoo, the laser is pulsed over the tattoo, directing its light energy towards the ink.
3. The energy is absorbed by the ink particles which then shatter into tiny fragments.
4. In the days following the laser procedure, the body’s immune system will flush away the shat- tered ink particles and cause the tattoo to fade.
5. With more treatments, more ink will be shattered leaving the skin free of the tattoo.


1. Shortest pulse width can reach 6ns, provide you powerful and effective treatment result.
2. Patent laser cavity, anti-vibration, anti-swing, no beam deflection, most reliable and stable.
3. Latest radiator and special design cooling system with high efficiency makes the machine work continuously 16 hours.
4. Localization with 16 languages, meets the requirement of global market.
5. Nd yag laser handle has triple-band free conditioning 1064nm 532nm 1320nm

Picosecond function;
1. Tattoo removal
2. Eyebrow embroidery removal
3. Eyeliner removal
4. Remove chloasma
5. Skin whitening
6. Removal of birthmark
7. Onychomycosis
8. Excision of nevus
9. Senile plaque removal
10. Melasma removal



1.1064 Laser head: effectively remove dark tattoos, eyebrows, lips, eyeliner pens, traumatic pigmentation and freckles.
2. 532 laser head: suitable for the treatment of red or brown tattoos, eyebrows, lip lines, eyeliner pens. Can effectively fade red or brown
Birthmarks and various superficial spots. Focusable.
3. 755 (optional): the second sunburn spot, freckle, tan spot, senile spot, dry spot, dermal spot and other stubborn stains on honeycomb skin. Mole and so on.
4. 1320nm carbon skin tip: used for skin rejuvenation, whitening and pore contraction.

Product Paramenters
Pico Laser Tattoo Removal Efficient Portable Machine Professional
Laser type
Q-Switch nd yag laser
Laser Wavelength
1–10Hz (Adjustable)
Pulse Width
10.4-inch true color touch screen
Shell material
ABS plastic + metal
Cooling system
wind + water +semiconductor
Width of pulse
220V(110V)/5A 50Hz(60Hz)

Benefits of Pico laser machine
1 high tech Picosecond laser machine adopts unique honeycomb focusing technology to form skin effect vacuoles, which can protect the skin from damage during the treatment process.
2 fast and effective Picosecond laser machine can reduce the treatment process of tattoo and pigment removal from 5 to 10 times to 2 to 4 times, which greatly shortens the treatment and recovery time, and has a rapid and obvious effect.
3 comfort and safety Picosecond laser adopts precise target tissue therapy to reduce skin damage and achieve the effect of freckle removal. Therefore, it can safely and effectively remove all kinds of pigments and tattoos
4 no melanin precipitate Picosecond laser uses ultrashort pulses (one trillionth of a second in length) to hit melanin with great pressure. Melanin breaks into tiny dust like particles. Because these particles are very small, they are easier to be absorbed and eliminated by the body. It can significantly reduce postoperative swelling and melanin precipitation





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