digital nails printer

3D Digital Nail painting Machine Price Printing Machine professional Portable Automatic manicure Nail Art Printer

A mini portable smart art nail printing device that can print any pattern on the nail.The product is suitable for different scenarios such as personal nail art self-service,nail art renting/sharing, and commercial nail art services.It’s wirelessly controlled by APP in the phone or tablet.


1.high speed high accuracy nail art printing
2.powerful DIY function, can create infinite unique patterns
3.Professional nail style store, to help you copy nail art fashion perfectly
4.Adjust pattern according to the nail size, accurate location
5.LCD touch screen

Smart Nails Art Print Benefits:

1.Mild Material, Easy To Remove Armor:Easily scrubs off with natural nail polish remover No harm to human body and nails
2.Independent design, customized exclusive:Design your own nail style At the same time, you can also DIY your favorite photos and pictures
3.A Variety Of Styles:Build a unique style design platform Recruit excellent designers from all over the world,and constantly update the style library Fashion, trend, classic, retro.. any outfit

Custom Nail Printing Advantages:
  • User-friendly operation from the app
  • Portable
  • Colors to choose from
  • Comes pre-loaded with patterns
  • You can upload your own images
Product Name: Painted Nail Art Machine ETHERNET: Yes but not installed
Camera:  5m camera Print color: CMY
Sprinkler Specifications: Target Cost Expenses OS: Android and Jolimark APP
UV lamp curing: 1400nm LED lamp Number of printable nails: 1000 nails can be printed continuously
Maximum print image size: 1 x 1 inch Power: 24 volts
Fan drying: DC brushless fan Printing Speed: ~25 seconds/finger
Maximum print resolution: 1200 dpi Printer Net Weight: TBD
USB: Yes but not installed Touch screen: 5 hours/720X1280P
Printing ink: special color ink Printer size: TBD





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