Endolift laser 1470nm lipolysis

 Endolift laser 1470nm Laser Lipolysis Machine 980nm 1470nm Lipolysi Endolaser 1470nm Face Lifting Endolifting 1470nm Laser Machine

Factory price directly 980nm 1470nm diode laser liposuction machine

User manual of Endolift Laser 1470nm


Working Principle

The 1470nm wavelength has a high degree of water absorption in the tissue,and 980 nm provides high absorption in hemoglobin. The irreversible photo-thermal process induced by the laser energy results in a complete occlusion of the treated vein. The lower energy level needed using the radial laser fiber significantly minimized adverse effects compared with the bare laser fiber.

It’s intended mainly to remove body fat that’s difficult to lose through diet or exercise, such as: fat deposits on the upper
outer thighs, belly fat around the torso and double chins.

Factory price directly 980nm 1470nm diode laser liposuction machine






Factory price directly 980nm 1470nm diode laser liposuction machineFactory price directly 980nm 1470nm diode laser liposuction machineFactory price directly 980nm 1470nm diode laser liposuction machine

1470nm  Diode Laser
Working Mode
CW, Pulse
Pulse Width
Diameter of Fiber
400um/600um optional
Length of Fiber
Indicator light
650nm,intensity control
Fiber Interface
SMA-905 International standard interface, special quartz optical fiber laser transmission
Input voltage
220V50Hz 110V 60Hz
Net weight

Advantages of 1470nm diode laser physiotherapy machine

1.Imported laser:full power,strong energy,ensuring effect and life.

2.Convenient operation:simple and easy to learn,without training,easy to switch different functions.

3.Complete functions:6 main functions and 1 auxiliary function,which are economical and practical.

4.Strong and durable:the optical fiber is not afraid of folding,and the laser is not afraid of burning.

5.Technical specialty:professional integrated technology with stable performance and strict quality control.

6.Safety protection:exclusive temperature control protection technology.When overheating,start the alarm system to avoid burning out.

7.Patent protection:there are appearance patents,and many utility model patents for parts and components. 8.People-friendly price:use the best configuration and the best technical scheme to realize the most people-friendly price.

What Happens During a Laser Lipolysis Procedure?

The doctor or surgeon will usually make surgical markings on the areas being treated to serve as a guide during the procedure. You will then be injected with a local anaesthetic to numb the area and allow the doctor or surgeon to make a small incision through which to infiltrate the rest of the anaesthetic. This small incision will also be the point through which the laser in inserted (inside a thin tube or cannula). Once the anaesthetic has taken effect, the doctor will insert the laser fibre and begin the treatment. You will be awake throughout the procedure but should not feel anything other than a bit of pressure or tugging on the area. Sometimes you can experience some heat from the laser which feels like being flicked with an elastic band. This will only happen in areas that the anaesthetic has not fully reached and your doctor can stop the procedure and add more anaesthetic if necessary. The treatment takes between one to two hours depending on how many areas you are having treated and the size of the area being treated. The doctor will move the laser around under the skin, using its heat to melt the fat in your problem areas. The melted fat can either be sucked out in much the same way as liposuction or left to be metabolised buy your own body. The suction assisted technique, known as aspiration, allows the doctor to remove more fat but is slightly more invasive.

Laser liposuction VS Manual liposuction

Large and small treatment areas

Can also be performed in very small areas where the standard techniques are associated with aesthetic risks

400um/600um/800um fibers

Improved skin tightening due to the laser stimulating the collagen under the skin
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