Extracorporeal Magneto Transduction Therapy

Extracorporeal Magneto Transduction Therapy

Models: emtt
Brand name: iviva
Shipping way: by DHL/TNT/Fedex/UPS express door to door,by sea
OEM/ODM: yes
Suitable for : Salon ,beauty center ,skin clinic, med spa
Certificate: CE ISO TUV FDA
Treatments: pain decrease

What is the Extracorporeal Magneto Transduction Therapy(EMTT)?

is a non-invasive, evidence based treatment for diseases of the musculoskeletal system such as pain in the lower back, arthrosis as well as inflammation in tendons and joints.

EMTT Treatment biological effects: EMTT treatment can cause positive biological effects. Every cell undergoes chemical reactions that drive metabolism. The prerequisite for this is membrane permeability. A stable cell membrane ensures permeability for vital substances. A pathological change leads to dysfunction that can ultimately lead to disease. The chemical reactions of the cell potential can be positively influenced by EMTT®. The sodium-potassium pump can be reactivated and physiological cell processes can be normalised. Therapeutically effective magnet field Normalisation of the membrane potential Mechanical activation of the ion channels

EMTT uses high energy magnetic fields for regeneration and rehabilitation at a cellular level. EMTT initiates an anti-inflammatory response, reducing pain and inflammation in affected areas of the body. Perfect for patients with acute pain presentation, irritable flare ups, neuropathic pain, diffused pain and degenerative pathologies such as Osteo Arthritis. EMTT is highly tolerated, even with the most painful conditions such as rheumatic patients.

Advantage of pmst extracorporeal magnetoterapia physiotherapy device

1.Pain free
Treatment is comfortable and straightforward, the patient does not have to undress

2.Hands free
Effective fatigue-free work for the user Applicator positioning by hand or with the flexible holding arm

3.Fast treatment
treatment session lasts between 10 – 20 minutes depending on the indication

4.Water cooling
Continuous and reliable operation by water-cooled applicator

5.Knob control flexible applicator holding arm Touch free,perfectly suited for the social distancing and the minimal patient contact

6. Magnetic pulse frequency to 5-150hz.

7.10.4 inch screen


  • Function
    Physical Therapy/Podiatry/Chiropractic/Wound Care/Veterinarian/Sports Medicine/Osteopathic/muslcle built/pain relief/spine pain relief/joint inflammation/ fascial inflammation

Spec of emtt machine

Item Physio super transduction
Field strength at the coil 4T
Performance of the field 92T/S
Water Cooling System Water 2.5L
Voltage AC 110V/220V 50-60Hz


  • 24 monthes warranty ,free replace of component within 2 years by our won cost.


Operation video ,  user manual ,online training for free.

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