Hot selling 5-head vibrating body massage G5 slimming beauty machine

Hot selling 5-head vibrating body massage G5 slimming beauty machine

Product Name
Vibrating Massage Machine
Rated Voltage
Rated Power
Rated Frequency
50-60 Hz
Working Time
≤ 30mins
Intensity of Vibration
10-90 levels(adjustable)
Rotating Speed Frequency
600 r/min-3000 r/min
Operating Noise
Main Functions:

1. Help to defecate and clear your stomach
The Vibration massage can effectively massage relevant acupoints, strengthen gastrointestinal peristalsis, effectively improve and regulate constipation, discharge gastrointestinal garbage.
2. Help to lose weight and shape body
Fully aerobic vibration massage can help to achieve a rapid weight loss and reasonably reduce the excess weight in the arms, back, hips, waist and other parts of the body. Reduce women’s pregnancy marks, patterns, barrel skin and other phenomena, prevent uneven skin caused by obesity, restore muscle and skin elasticity. Reasonably achieve tight skin, build slender body .
3. Relax your muscles
The vibration massage on the body, which can effectively exercise muscles, relax the tight muscles, eliminate fatigue, relax the whole body. Using this instrument after exercise can accelerate the decomposition of lactic acid, relieve discomfort.
4. Increase circulation
As the growth of the age, the lining of blood vessels deposits some harmful substances such as cholesterol, fat, calcium,which causes a poor blood, coronary heart disease, blood clots, cerebral thrombosis and other cerebrovascular disorders. Through massage therapy , it can accelerate the blood flow velocity, dilate blood vessels, and remove the rubbish inside body by blood circulation, improve body constitution, relieve nervous fatigue, release the pressure, improve sleep quality.
5.Rehabilitation conditioning
Relieve joint pain, maintain joint mobility, reduce joint edema; Help to improve leg stiffness caused by rheumatism and walking imbalance in the elderly caused by not walking for a long time. Effectively help regulate muscle strain and muscle hardening; Helps reduce symptoms of abdominal pain after injection.


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