Geneo machine

Product Overview
Designed with the aesthetic PROFESSIONAL in mind, geneO combines the tech new OxyGeneo patented with renowned TriPollar technology. GeneO provides Nutri fashion leather top quality and the oxygenation together with clinically proven results anti-aging.

The Combination TriPollar RF and OxyGeneo quality improves both in the epidermis and dermis layers provides results long term.

A 3 in 1 watch out the leather treatment actively to nourish, revitalize and hydrate the leather
. Exfoliation the leather outer layer
. Infusion set revitalizing nutrients
. The oxygenation leather generated from inside

TriPollar-The third generation technology RF anti-aging
. Remove Crinkles
. Facial tightening
. Safe, effective and convenient
. Fast, durable

OxyGeneo technology
Ural thermal waters have been known through the centuries made their therapeutic benefits, enabling minerals sean effectively absorbed the leather for revitalizing the cells from body. Both the thermal waters Ural’s result, globe OxyGeneo is the first technology that improved remarkably absorption and optimal utilizing nutrients from the leather using our unique Capsugen specialized and gels.

Geneo allows the pros the aesthetic a broad, exact diagnostic process that is perfectly tailored for each customer.

Each treatment includes a unique Combination Capsugen and gels developed by Pollogen Made from ingredients naturales-NeoBright and NeoRevive.
NeoRevive findings
. Improved Leather & lsquo; s appearance Pebble (elastosis)
. The diffuse scored the pigmentation area bordered almost has clear
. The region is seen more uniform and shiny
NeoBright findings
. Improves appearance the leather and brightening your color.
. Pores appear have shrinked in size (around the area).
. Markup result in freckle whitening (Arrow) and decreasing pigments (seborheic keratosis) swatch be in the bottom pleat nasolabial.
Before & After
TriPollar technology-Technology TriPollar RF $ number & ordf; Generation
TriPollar RF energy ago use for stimulate the collagen and elastin regeneration in the coat dermis.
TriPollar function:
Soft and stretch the leather
Reducing fine lines and Crinkles
The leather texture enhancement
TriPollar RF $ number & ordf technology; Generation
Advance TriPollar Pollogen technology
Third generation RF TriPollar RF-utiliza conductive to the leather through 3 or more electrodes
. Efforts are focusing on the area’s guidance are for the best effect
. Volumetric supplies heating generate clinical effect
. Shape more pleasant and safest RF
TriPollar RF energy used for inducing the collagen and elastin regeneration in the dermis layer



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