peltier cooling plate

Annular TEC 3.3mm-6A-14.6V Cooling Peltier for diode laser ice handle use tec thermoelectric cooler peltier

Ring-shaped peltier cooling sheet is used for skin cooling of the treatment head on Headpiece: -5°C to 5°C

Model 1 Model  2
Inner round size 30mm*18mm 34mm*16mm
Out round size 48.5mm*36.5mm 49mm*36.5mm
Thickness 3.3mm 3.3mm
Electrical Parameter 6A, 14.6V 6A, 14.6V
Match sopt size handpiece spot size is 1.0cm2 1.5cm2  2.0cm2 handpiece spot size is 4.0cm2


Model 3 25*25*3mm 12V 5A

TEC1-12706 TEC1-12706 12704 12705 12708 12709 12710 12712 12715 Thermoelectric Cooler Peltier

Model 3 40*20*3mm 11A 7.6V

TEC HT 06311 06306 06303

1. It can work continuously without vibration and noise, with long life and small volume.
2. TEC thermal inertia is very small, the refrigeration and heating time is very fast, so it is of high efficiency.
3. TEC can control the temperature by controlling the input current.


According to customer’s performance and size requirements, we can customize TEC with different specifications.


  1. How much for the Peltier cooler? This Peltier cooler, MOQ is 1 pc. The more you order, the products will be more cheap.
  2. What payment way you can accept? We can accept T/T, Paypal, West Union or Money Gram,etc.
  3. How to do the shipping? International delivery can be DHL,TNT,EMS,or UPS.
  4. Do you have warranty for Peltier cooler? We give 6 month warranty for Peltier cooler.


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