What is PicoSecond laser ?
PicoSecond laser uses unique technology to dissolve unwanted pigments, such as dark spots and tattoo ink. PicoSecond laser uses short-pulse laser energy to shatter pigment without damaging your surrounding tissue.
As a result of PicoSecond laser treatments, your body naturally initiates a healing process to make your skin look restored and refreshed.
1. Remove tattoo.
2. Eye lines.
3. lip lines, Remove pigment on scar skin derma
4. Remove moles, warts.
5. Remove freckles.
6.coffee spots , age spots,Remove Inflammatory pigmentation and so on
1.The latest hi-tech of laser explosion in twinkling.
2.Don’t break the hair follicle, or hurt the normal skin, or produce the scar formation.
3.Little sense of pain,anesthesia is unnecessary.
4.Short curing time and easy operation.
5.The high quality controlled solid-state laser complying with international standard of production.
6.Short pulse width,double cavity, double crytal and double lamps.

Treatment Scope :
1 1064nm laser: the suitable for treatment is tattoos, eyebrow drawing, lip mark lines and eye mark lines the most advantages is for birthmark Yitena lentiaines, Taitian Lentiaines and red, green, purple, dark, brown. brown piamentation caused by different reasons. 2 532nm laser: the suitable for treatment is spot of shallow layer coffeered and brown tattoos, eyebrow drawing, lip mark lines and eve mark lines.
3 755nm Probe: used for skin rejuvenation, skin resurfacing and skin whitening
Using Effects


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