Deepba Fat Burning Fever Master 448k Ret Cet Tecar Machine 448khz+20khz Body Shaping Machine

Product Description
The effects of Hyperthermia on the human body have been well-known since the 19th Century. It is mainly being
indicated for inflammatory process, usually accompanied with pain. Methods used made it very difficult to obtain deeply.

What is Therma-s
Therma-S is intended for therapeutic diathermy to produce deep heating without excessive temperature elevation of the skin surface
and subcutaneous tissue. Therma-s plus is applied to any part of the human body without pain, muscular contraction or disagreeable
sensation of any kind.
Working theory

This is a magic health beauty method, magic modulation wave, specific frequency of 448k and 20K, can adjust metabolism balance, let
you sweat slowly, activate body function, 30 minutes is equivalent to jogging 5 kilometers.
RET and CAT are the key to make your internal and external ions move across the membrane. It is not the surface heat immediately, but also the slow heat after activating the cell movement.
One deep diathermy = 8 hours of deep sleep


The real picture


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