tixel machine

tixel machine

Models: sk-tixel
Brand name: iviva
Shipping way: by DHL/TNT/Fedex/UPS express door to door,by sea
OEM/ODM: yes
Suitable for : Salon ,beauty center ,skin clinic, med spa
Certificate: CE ISO TUV FDA
anti agingfacial liftingskin rejuvenationskin resurfacingwrinkle removal


Tixel (Fraxel) is a new titanium thermal energy lattice skin repair system from Israel, which precisely controls the contact time and depth, and achieves “ultra-micro exfoliation” without burning.

Tixel uses a new type of natural thermal matrix lattice technology and uses 81 sterile titanium matrix probes of 1²cm to contact the skin at a rate of 0.1 millisecond and transfer heat energy to the treatment site without damaging the skin tissue. At the same time, heat energy is transferred to the dermis layer to activate collagen and elastic fibers to regenerate, effectively solving many problems such as wrinkles, neck lines, acne marks, large pores, scars, skin coarseness, dark and yellow skin, stretch marks,comprehensive treatment of various skin problems.

Tixel is a new generation of thermal energy equipment. The new patented thermomechanical exfoliation (TMA) technology breaks through the skin rejuvenation effect of traditional laser therapy and brings a safe, efficient, painless, fast and convenient beauty experience


1 The same treatment effect as CO2 laser
2 Three operating modes correspond to different skin types and different effects
3 After treatment, the site is not the same as the traditional laser, not charring
4 No need for anesthesia, almost no pain
5 Easy to operate and simple post-care
6 Compared with traditional laser diodes, no radiation is required, natural heat transfer is used, damage is less, and repair period is shorter.Three operating modes.

Handle Advantage
1) High temperature Resistance: it can be used for a long time under the temperature of 400 ℃ or even higher, and can conduct heat conduction efficiently and stably.
2) Corrosion Resistance: even if worn, it will heal by itself or Regenerate.
3) High strength: Titanium has extremely high strength. It can reduce weight and is very durable.
4) Non toxic and non-Magnetic: non-toxic and compatible with human Tissues and blood.
5) No cleaning required: non-Sticky, automatic dry heat sterilization system.

tixel skin treatment


(1)Non-surgical Face Lifting
(2)Wrinkles and fine lines, Neck Lines removal
(3)Skin Tightening
(4)Skin Rejuvenation, Improves skin discoloration, Age spots removal(Whitening);
(5) Pore Reduction,Improves skin tone and texture
(6) Acne Scars Removal
(7) Stretch Marks
(8)Improves damaged skin


  • 24 monthes warranty ,free replace of component within 2 years by our won cost.


Operation video ,  user manual ,online training for free.

Before & After

How much does Tixel treatment cost?

full face 300USD
Neck 500USD
Lower face and neck 600 USD
Full face and neck 700 USD
Forehead 200USD
Body areas from 500 USD (approx. 15cm x 10cm)


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