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Oxygen Chamber
Oxygen Chamber
What is a Hard Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber?
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapies are one of the most efficient ways to increase oxygen concentration in the bloodstream. With just one treatment, oxygen concentrations can be raised by 2,000%! At The Epigenetics Healing Center, we utilize hard-shell hyperbaric oxygen chambers as a treatment option for many conditions.
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1. Increase the partial pressure of oxygen in the body. The hyperbaric chamber can be raised to 30kpa. 2. Increase blood oxygen saturation. Oxygen intake is equivalent to more than 2 times that of normal breathing. 3. Increase the oxygen diffusion distancein the body. Use the flow of lymph to increase blood flow.

Benefits of Hard Shell Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments?

Hard shell chambers are the ultimate option for hyperbaric oxygen treatments. Because the steel walls of the chambers are firm and sturdy, they can withhold more pressure than the chamber’s soft shell sister. As you can imagine, more pressure translates to better results. At The Epigenetics Healing Center, our hard shell chamber delivers a 100% pure oxygen concentration, where the room you are currently in is most likely at a 21% pure oxygen concentration. Hard shell chambers are considered to be the gold standard for these types of treatments, and are widely used by hospitals and
clinics. Because of the intensity of oxygen delivery, hard shell hyperbaric oxygen chamber treatments can be used to treat a wider
array of conditions compared to soft shell therapies.

What Conditions Can Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapies Treat?

Some conditions that can improve through the repeated use of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy include:Anemia /Burns/Decompression sickness/Injuries/Infections/Non-healing wounds Radiation injuries/Vision loss, sudden /painless/Arthritis/Asthma/Cancer/Depression/Chronic fatigue syndrome/Fibromyalgia/Parkinson’s disease/Spinal cord Injuries.

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Oxygen Chamber
Spa/ Gym/ Hosptial/ Use Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber 2.5atahard Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber For Surgery Healing And Radiation
What are The Parameters of The Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber ?

Chamber Capsule

Aluminum Alloy
Average Oxygen

Oxygen Concentrator

O2 Flow rate
Air Flow rate

Lcd display
pressure and oxygen concentratration in charmber, total working time, setting time.
Power consumption

Product accessories

exhaust valve X2 

A manual exhaust valve X1 
Air intake X2 
Base support X1 
Walkie-talkie X1 Pair
Honeycomb Pad X1 Set Oxygen headset X2, 
Sponge muffler X1
Scope of application
Oxygen Chamber
Product Features


①Slide-type entry door with wide and convenient transparent viewing window. ②Easy operation: One person can operate it without assistance. ③Interphone system for two-way communication. ④Automatic air pressure control system. ⑤Delivers oxygen under pressure via an oxygen headset
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