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We’ll be talk about the best laser tattoo removal machine in the market from different suppliers and what you should be take care when buying a laser tattoo removal equipment.Read our direct to choose a best laser tattoo removal machines with best quality and price.

Choose The top Laser Tattoo Removal Machine
As the tattoos industry grows, so does the needs for laser tattoo removal services. You’re maybe think, “how can I get started in the tattoo removal industry for my studio?”. Well, it all starts with know the medical regulations in your state. If you are qualified to rent a laser, knowing what best quality laser equipment to purchase is the next step. This buyer’s tip will cover everything you’ll need to know about the best laser tattoo removal equipment for you in 2022.

We’ll be explain the technology behind laser tattoo removal , the different of laser wavelengths used for tattoo removal, key factors you’ll need to think about when choose the best laser tattoo removal machine , and how much laser tattoo removal machines cost. We will also show the top 4 best laser tattoo removal machines on the market if laser tattoo removal can be done at home, and how you can choose best home laser tattoo removal machine for you.

Laser Tattoo Removal Technology
How does tattoo removal device works? Well,to be simple, the laser handle generates short pulses of high-intensity lser to the treatment area. The laser effectively shatters the ink of tattoos at same time leaving the surrounding tissue fine. The shattered ink particles are then harmlessly removed through your body’s immune system in the following weeks. With repeat time and sessions, a seemingly permanent tattoo can be removed. You can learn more about the technology behind the laser here.

Another three important factors when determining the best laser removal equipment is pulse duration, wavelengths, and spot size. All lasers have options to use different wavelengths in order to successfully target all kinds of ink colors within the skin. The amount of power available within just one single pulse at a certain wavelength affects how good a tattoo can be removed while leaving the remaining tissue well fine. Let me show you how pulse duration and the types of laser wavelengths affections in the next section.

The Laser Wavelengths Used for Tattoo Removal
Normally, there are two wavelengths used to remove tattoo ink. The wavelengths are 1064 nm and 532 nm. Every wavelength is best used for many kinds of ink pigments. 1320nm black skin rejuvenation carbon peeling treament head. The special choice 755nm fractional.

Professional laser tattoo removal machine can be in both picosecond and nano second pulse durations, q switched nd yag laser tattoo removal can active or passive.

Q-switched Nd: YAG laser (1064 nm, 532 nm). The 1064 nm wavelength is FDA approved to remove black and tribal blues. The 532 nm wavelength is useful for removing red and reducing orange, purple, and other warm toned colors.
Q-switched alexandrite laser (755 nm) which is useful for removing difficult light blue and green pigments.

As every knows , wavelength is a light spectrum. 1064 nm stays at the infrared category of wavelengths which means that it is not visible to the human eye. 532 – 785 nm live within the visible light spectrum. 755 nm is the best wavelengths for treating greens and blues and 532 nm is best for treating orange and red ink pigments.

The main difference between picosecond (ps) and nanosecond(ns) is that a picosecond is 1000X shorter than the nanosecond. The pulse duration or width of the picosecond laser is one trillionth of a second which releases the energy in super super short period of time than a nanosecond laser. it reduces too much the amount of energy exposed to the surrounding tissue.

How Much Does Laser Tattoo Removal Machines Cost?
The cost of lasers machine can changes greatly. A tattoo remove machine can cost anywhere from $100-$200,000. This is determined by the quality of the laser service ,brand. As an organization, it’s important to invest in the best laser technology. On average, with a professional laser, clients can expect to spend around $800-$2,000

Now that you’re ready to choose the laser tattoo removal equipment that best fits your needs, remember to refer to the key tips from this buyer’s guide. The most important factors to consider when buying the right laser tattoo removal machine are the quality of the laser, the wavelengths and extra settings, and the total cost of the machine.

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