ultraformer III treatment experience​

HIFU treatment

1.How much does Ultraformer cost?

It depends on the size of the area treated, from $400 for lower eye area to $2,500 for full face, neck and eyelids (from $280 – $1,750 in a package).

Average Price of Ultraformer 3 HIFU in Singapore:

  • From $450 for small areas
  • From $1,800 for full face
  • From $2,400 for full face and neck

2.Is Ultraformer treatment painful?

Discomfort levels vary from person to person. Most of patients tolerate the procedure well without anesthesia or sedation while the energy is being delivered. Pain and discomfort associated with procedure are temporary that lasts usually only during the procedure.

3.How long does the treatment last ?

its about 30-40 mins depends on treatment area.

4.what about the result?

Results are visible immediately after treatment. Facial contours and fine lines show further improvement within  6-8  weeks and peak results after  12 weeks with additional firming throughout the subsequent 12 months.

5.who is not suitable for Ultraformer III?

Anyone who: 

  • Has severe or cystic acne on the face or neck 
  • Has open facial wounds or lesions 
  • Has metal stents/implants in the face or neck 
  • Has bio-absorbable mechanical implants
  • Has implanted electrical devices 
  • Has an active systemic or local skin disease that may alter wound healing

6.Patient Reviews 

“I am so glad I came to Dr. Linda, I just intrested all in Technology, My treatment quick, comfortable– its result showing just finish treatment. Very happy,  we will see how  long it can lasts.”

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